making earthling greetings

For years we've created drawings of people around us.

Now we're letterpress printing our images in small batches on thick recycled US made cardstock to create original handmade note cards.

We call these Earthling Greetings.

Earthling Greetings are the product of a personal, hands-on effort with all printing, production and finishing done in-house by us.
Our process begins with selecting one of our line drawings. Then we have a printing plate of the image made by green plate maker Boxcar Press.
The letterpress process uses printing plates with the image to be printed raised. Ink is rolled onto the raised image and when the image meets the cardstock the press closes and locks under pressure. This creates a deep impression that actually carries the inked image into the surface of the paper.
You can see it and feel it - that's why we like it.
Once we receive the plate, we mount it in the press and prepare the cardstock for printing. Now we print, followed by drying, cutting, scoring, assembling and packaging for shipment.
We print inside messages by passing the cardstock through the press a second time using a separate plate.
Earthling Press & Earthling Greetings are part of Marr Makers located in San Luis Obispo California.

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